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Enjoy your time! It is so interesting!

"I want to tell u something about Armageddon"
" Armageddon! Oh, what is this?"

"You didnt hear of it before?"
"I heard but not so much."
"Ok ill tell u more."
"Now. But let me tell u first some things:"

1-In the future there will be three years of drought, in 1st 1/3 of rain and food is prevented, then 2/3, then 3/3!
2- After it a charlatan comes with food, claiming he is a god, then Jesus will descend and kills him. This charalatan has just one eye.
3- Before this:
1-Armageddon will not be between Romans contra Muslims (Arabs), but will be between Romans and Muslims in a side contra another enemy.
2-Romans and Muslims will win and loot too much.
3-Queen Fahd will die, then the man who we are waiting for, named:Al mahdy, will exist, and will be the leader of the arabs Muslims.
4- His army wont loose ever.
5-Romans will betray Muslims after Armageddon, then they -after 9 months come to fight them. There will be the great epic, which lasts 4 days and 4 nights, then Muslims win.

"This what Muslims predict to the future but Christians and Jews predict another things. DAYS will prove the veracity of each religion."
"What another things?"
" ill tell u, but dont u want to know the meaning of Armageddon?"
"Of course i want, what is it?

"Armageddon is a Hebrew word consists of two syllables "ar" which means "a mountain" and "mageddo" which is a vale in Israel. This is the battleground of the incoming war which will exists between "mageddo" in the north to "Idom" in the south, about 200 miles area, and between the "Mediterranean Sea" in the west and "Mohab" hills in the east, about 100
miles area as Christian prophested."

"Lets return to ur question "What other things?"
The word "Armageddon" is a known word to both Christians and Jews; one can find it in their holly books and their scientists` researches.

We can see this in:

1. In "Apocalypse/16-16": "The Satanic spirits gathered all world's armies in a space called Armageddon". (The Bible page 388)

2. The ex-president of America "Ronald Regan" said: "This generation is precisely the generation who will see Armageddon

"What about Muslims, didnt they anything about the matter?"

"Muslims say that the two parties in this war are Muslims, Europe and America on one side and another enemy on the other side, it is mostly: Russia or Iran or both.

They say that 2/3 of the Jews will be killed in this battle then after Jesus' arrival, he and his Muslim followers will kill the other 1/3 of Jews.

They say also that Armageddon will be a destructive war where most of the strategic weapons will be destroyed and the power will return again to swords, spears and horses."

"There wont be strategic weapons and they will turn to the horses and swords, Oh!! What else?

"Muslims suggest that Armageddon is the
beginning of the end, and they gave some events that will happen after Armageddon respectively as follows:

1. Armageddon is a great war between America, Europe and Muslims on one side; and Russia or Iran on the other side. This suggestion is taken from Mohammed's Hadith (the Muslims prophet) who said: "You will be reconciled
with Romans (he means America and Europe) a safe reconciliation, then you and they will invade an enemy , you will win, loot and gain peace. You will
go away till you reach a meadow with hills then a man raises the Cross between some people and say "The Cross wins", then a man from Muslims gets angry, gets up and pushes him then, at this point, Romans betray us and
gather for the "epic", they will come under eighty flags, under every flag twelve thousands." Hadith (i.e. the saying of Mohammed the prophet of Muslims):

2. Mahdy's arrival:
"Who is the Mahdy?"
"Many Muslims know that a man named "Mohammed Abdu-Allah" and called El-Mahdy will come some day to govern them justly, he is -according to them-
a religious man. Some of his characteristics is taken from the following
Hadiths (i.e. the sayings of Mohammed the prophet):

One)"You people will fill the earth tyranny and injustice, God send a man from me, his name is mine and his father 's is my father 's name and he will fill it up justice and fairness, as it was filled with tyranny
and injustice.

Two) "El-Mahdy is from my progeny from Fatima 's sons." (Fatima
is the daughter of prophet Muhammad).

Three)"By the end of my people, there will be a Khalif that ladle money not count it. " (i.e. money is too much to be counted, this means that prosperity will exist in his days).

"You know, the whole world is filled up with tyranny, injustice, murders, theft..etc now."

* But when will he come?

They don't know exactly when, but they say that he will be the khalif of Muslims in the betrayal period after which the Khalif of Muslims is dead. There will be a disagreement on who will be the following Khalif, and then they will choose El-Mahdy to be their Khalif. And this will be
after 9 months after Armageddon. And this is likely to be between the years 2000 and 2004. "

3. Arabs Island invasion:

" You will invade Arabs Island, so God open it. " (Hadith)
"What is the Arabs Island?"
"The Arabs Island is: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U.A.E., Qatar, Oman, etc"
"When will this be?
"This will be in the betrayal period. An army from the Arabs Island goes to fight El-Mahdy, but the latter defeats them and loots so much."

4. Iran invasion:

"You will invade Persia, so God open it. "(Hadith)
An army from Iran goes to fight El-Mahdy but he defeats them also.
El-Mahdy -as Muslims say cannot be defeated, his flags are white and yellow,
in it some figures, and it includes the greatest name of God.

5. The Great Epic (America and Europe invasion):

"Then you will invade the Romans, so God open it." (Hadith)
"Who are the Romans?".
"Europe and USA".
"This is
the great epic, and it is one of the most rigorous and drastic wars. It will
happen 9 months from Armageddon. The Romans ' leaders will gather secretly
in the betrayal period, and go to meet Muslims in a huge army of about one
million soldiers. This war will take four days and four nights, and at the
end of the fourth day, Muslims win and defeat the Romans."

6. Istanbul invasion:

Muslims say that they will open Istanbul (in Turkey) not by fighting but
by saying some expressions as:" No god except Allah and Allah is greater."
So it is opened.

7. The Charlatan's arrival (The Messiah):

This Messiah (as Jews called him) or the charlatan (as Muslims called
him) is a savior to the Jews and a too bad man to Muslims.

For Muslims he will come after three years of dryness and drought in
the whole world. Muslims say that in the first year, God orders heaven and
the earth to prevent one third of its water and food; in the second year, He
orders them to prevent two thirds; in the last third year, He orders them to
prevent all. Then this charlatan comes from unknown place, first he makes
himself appear as a religious man, then he claims that he is a god. He has
money, food and he has two imaginative things: paradise and hell, the one
who believes he is a god and enter his paradise, will find it hell, and his
hell is cold water. He will visit every village on earth except Mecca and
Madina, to tell the people that he is a god. He will stay forty days, after
which Jesus descends from heavens and kills him.
"Then we shudnt folow him? I see."

Then the charlatans' followers (the Jews) will run away from Jesus and his
Muslims followers who will kill the other 1/3 of the Jews. Jews will hide
behind trees and rocks, but these things will tell the Muslims "there is a
Jew behind me, come and kill him" except just one tree called the 'Gharqad'.

8. Jesus' arrival:
"Oh! Jesus come"
Muslims believes that Jesus has not been killed, but he was raised
to heavens and he will come down to earth and kill the Charlatan, kill the
pig, break the cross and ask people to be Muslims.

"Muslims not christians!"

9. Ya'goog and Ma'goog:

They are two denominations from Turkish progeny. They are now
prisoned behind a huge strong wall. They are very bad men, very dangerous
and very corruptive. They will come out after Jesus kills the Charlatan.
Jesus will ask God to secure him and his followers, so God sends to these
bad people some worms in their necks that kill them.

10.Peace and security period:

In this period of time, there are no wars, just peace and security,
food is available too much all over the world, there are not poor men. All
the earth can be cultivated. i.e. prosperity will prevail all over the
world. They say that El-Mahdy will die in the first years of this period,
and Jesus will die in the last years of this period.

"Muslims say that after this some things will also happen but I
think that what was said above is enough."

"What do u think of this?"
"My commentary:"

I say that we will see which party is right: Christians, Jews or Muslims. Days will proof the veracity of all of the predictions above. And this will make us be able to judge and say that this or that party is right
or wrong! As at the time of serious situations we should to stick to either parties to be really saved here in this life and there in after death life.

NOTES: The whole document above is translated so you may find some mistakes or some differences in the exact sayings of people.