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About Me

About me in more detail.

Im Basma, I'm 25 y/o. I'm graduated to be an English teacher, but I dont work right now. I live in northern Egypt, about 2 hours from Cairo.

I was born in Saudi Arabia, in March 1975. I lived there about 4 years. I returned to Cairo (the capital city of Egypt) in 1980. I lived in Cairo about 12 years, then came to here in Sharqiya (another governorate in Egypt). Sharqiya is about 2 hours from Cairo. I had my University Studies here.
Sharqiya is a big governorate, its capital is Zagazig. Zagazig is a nice town, itis calm and not polluted as Cairo. One can go easily in Zagazig to buy the goods or visit his relatives or friends. Sharqiya has many villages, i live in one of them, it is about 5 km from Zagazig. Most of the Egyptian villages have electricity and clean water bacause of the River Nile.
The River Nile comes from south to north, it pours its water in the Mideterranean Sea. The nile is so important to the lives of the Egyptians, we cant live without it, it irrigate our lands and we drink from it.

The Nile River

About my family: My father is on retire, and my mother was a teacher of geography. I have 2 elder brothers Yasser 36y/o live in Canada with his wife Wegdan and his little daughter Ayesha, and Hany 33y/o single in Saudi Arabia. They both work in the computer field.

About my job: Im graduted to be an English teacher in the High schools but if i worked in governmental schools i should work first in Preparatory schools, they are 3 years before the High schools, then after some years I can teach in the high schools. I can teach the Ordinary level of English or the Advanced level. I was educated in an English school that is to say I took most of the subjects in English beisdes the Advanced level which I took from KG, so I can teach the Advanced level easily.

My Hobbies

I like: watching animals or even playing with them, reading newspapers, replying emails and letters :) and driving. I used to paint on glass but not anymore.

My interests:

I have many intersts such as learning new languages, surfing the net and learning about other cultures and religions.