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Egypt in brief!

Here you are some information about Egypt:

1- Egypt is a democratic, republic country. It uses the "free market" strategy.
2- Egypt's population is about 65 million persons, most of them live on both sides of the River Nile.
3- Women are more than men.
4- The main religion is "Islam", but there are many Christians also, especially in Cairo and upper Egypt.
5- In Egypt There is no difference between men and women in work, education or positions. There are businesswomen, female ministers and members in the Parliament.
6-Customs in Egypt is taken from many cultures such as Pharaohs and Islam.
7- In Egypt, the girl or woman is considered to be so precious. She is not considered as a means of seduction and lust. She is considered a sensitive human being, a great mother, a valuable wife..Etc.
8- Egyptians are famous by their sense of humor; they like laughing and jokes.
9- Egypt's land is fecund. It is famous by its Egyptian cotton. Egypt has Petrol, natural gas and metals.
10- Law forbids drugs such as: cocaine and heroine, some of our youth addict drugs, but we've Sanitariums to cure addiction.
11- Alcoholics are not spread either, most Egyptians don't like them, because they are forbidden by God and harmful.
12- Sex are not spread in Egypt, they don't like to make sex without marriage. It is a vice, it is forbidden by religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, it is illegal also; it is very difficult -especially in towns- to see a couple making sex in the street.
13- Suicides also are not spread because law and religion forbid it, so people in trouble try to turn to God, to prayers, to doctors or medicines.
14- Most people in Egypt are Muslims but not all of them are real Muslims, however, in the last period many people tend to be religious and try to turn to Islamic features, many girls and women began to wear the veil, many men and women turn to prayers, even actors, actresses and singers which are famous of their wantonness all over the world repented and left fame and art and turn to the veil and the beard.

EGYPT & Science

a- The Pharaohs were the first nation that knew mummify.
b- They build pillars by a way they do not know till now.
c- And now, Egypt began to regain its glory after a dark period of time, and one of its sons "Dr. Ahmad Zewail" took the Noble Prize in Chimstry.

EGYPT & Technology

a. Egypt blasted off its own satellite "Nilesat 101" nearly a year ago. It is the first Arabic country to do so, and soon will blast off its second satelite "Nilesat 102".
b. Egypt has its own computer called "Nile PC".
c. Egypt manufactures cars, weapons and other light and heavy industries.

EGYPT & Arts
a. Egypt is considered the country of arts, it adopts many different artists from other countries: actors, singers ??.
b. One of its sons "Naguib Mahfouz" took the Noble Prize in Arts.

EGYPT & Peace

a. It is known that Egypt played a leading role in Middle East Peace Process between Israel and Palestinians.
b. Egypt is the first Arabic country that makes peace with Israel, and this lets its president in those days "El-Sadat" took the Noble Prize in Peace.